Barron is a
person who
creates things
to enjoy

Promotional materials for Artist Ball 2014. Done with Lukas Eigler.

Tropical Fun Time | 2014

A series of illustrations for Airbnb's new brand personalization site at create.airbnb.com. Go and make your own!

Create Airbnb | 2014

The text Cosmos by Carl Sagan, created as a set of 13 editions for Cosmos' 25th anniversary. Accessible and easy to pick up and put down, the small editions remove some of the heft usually associated with scientific texts.

Cosmos | 2014

Promotional materials for RISD's annual Lawn Party, in which Benefit Street is covered with sod, and springtime is celebrated. Done with Lukas Eigler, Dan Guiditta, Jackie Ferrentino and Stephanie Low.

Lawn Party | 2014

An interpolation of quality, consistency, and narrative, the book uses Erik van Blokland's typeface Beowolf to question the assumptions of perfection and quality inherit in modern production.

Beowolf | 2014

A virtual/real simulation of a shooting game, this installation for the RISD Museum Takeover put participants in the third person and challenged them to orient and shoot targets in a manner typical of video games. Done with Tim Plummer, Olivia Pecini, and Tom Brenner.

First Person/Third Person | 2014

Experiments in OTF font creation and formatting, using and abusing the tendency of the format to produce legible typefaces. Presented here are editable varients of the phrase "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

OTF | 2013

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

A set of currency, acting as posters, created to be stolen. Stolen posters can be used in lieu of tickets to Artist Ball, with the largest posters being worth the most- but also placed in much harder-to-steal locations, and with less frequency.

Steal This Poster | 2013

A holiday card for the studio, the act of opening the cold exterior to reveal the warm mirrors our desires during the holiday season to find our way to the cozy indoors.

Upperquad | 2013

Other projects, images, websites, or things.

Other | 2013

RISD Block Party Branding, 2014

Antisubtle Exhibit Posters, 2014

firsthand.land (BuzzFeed as capitalism cathedral/religious experience), 2014

Synergy Thinking (Startup Pitch as Performance), 2014

Typographic installation, 2014

Building as book installation, 2014

First Things First Manifesto, 2014

baumdisplay.com, 2013

Google, 2013

Screen prints, 2013

soyouwanttogotorisd.com, 2013

Barcelona typefaces + illustrations, 2012

Me | 1994

I come from graphic design at RISD.

I most enjoy creating with other passionate people, independent of medium, project, or location. I try not to take myself seriously. I love to make things that promote thinking and discourse, and prefer to work on ideas that seem illogical, unrealistic or bizarre. I've worked with large entities like Google, Airbnb, and Directv, as well as tight-knit teams like Upperquad and the RISD Design Guild. I also write, talk and present about design, art, the future.

If you're up to something super exciting you'd like help with, shoot me an email or get in touch literally any other way.