Barron is a filmmaker, designer, artist, lizard, cyborg, animator, & illustrator who makes objects, books, games, ideas, visuals, events, videos, stuff, & typefaces to enjoy, play with, look at, ignore, consume, think about, read, touch, & watch.

Politics, Internet, Access

Civic Extensions | 2014-2015

Civic Extensions
Web, Typography, Print

tool() | 2015

Commerce, Data Ethics, Privacy | 2015-present
Web, Typography


Cosmos | 2014


UX, Internet, Near-Futures

Art Direction, Photography


OTF | 2013-2015


Posters, Installation, Images

Lawn Party | 2014

Lawn Party
Web, Typography

2099 | 2014

Diecut card
Archive, Blog, Whatever

Everything Else | 2011–present


Me | 1994

I come from graphic design at RISD.

I've worked with large entities like Google, Airbnb, and YouTube, as well as tight-knit teams like Metahaven, Upperquad, RISD STEAM, & the RISD Design Guild. I also write, talk, and organize events about design, art, and the future.

If you're up to something exciting you'd like my help with, shoot me an email at Otherwise twitter & insta

Partners in crime:
Jon makes lots of things.
Saad makes computer magic.
Lucas makes great images.
Íñigo makes things with letters.
Ryan makes helpful things.
Olivia makes things move.
Lukas makes people think.
Steven makes machines whir.
Nikolas makes culture 2.0.